Upgrade the look of your backyard and keep warm.

What’s the appeal of a Firetable?

Are you looking to spruce up your backyard or deck?  Our showroom located at 151D Dogwood Street displays modern and traditional freestanding fire tables available in propane or natural gas options. Custom options are available to suit your specific design needs. Stop by to view our selection!

Elementi is a group of artists and craftsmen that are dedicated to bringing bold Outdoor living and landscape features to the market. Our directive is to design and manufacture features that are an artistic combination of form and function. Whether your preference is natural, historic or modern, our designers can accommodate any style or period preference.


Firegear Outdoors is the premiere provider of outdoor fire products. We specialize in burner systems, outdoor fire features & accessories for the outdoor fire industry.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Napoleon fireplaces and Patioflames® are uniquely designed to brighten the vibe of your home. Napoleon has an incredible range of designer options to fit any vision.

Outdoor Heating